TeamViewer - a program for remote administration Free Download

Today, TeamViewer is one of the most popular programs in the world that allows you to remotely access other desktops, as evidenced by the number - more than 400 downloads daily and the number of daily remote interaction sessions, and this, according to the company, has more than 000 million connections.

TeamViewer - a program for remote administration Free Download

TeamViewer Features

TeamViewer uses 256-bit AES encryption, which ensures the security of transmitted data and protection against third parties gaining access to your device.

The program has the built-in remote tracking and management functions of TeamViewer Remote Management. The platform also has anti-virus functions and distributes system resources. This allows you to control your work network and prevent unwanted critical changes in it. You can prevent undesirable consequences of failures or breakdowns in advance. So you can ensure the stability of your systems, by monitoring the set parameters of your work computers or other devices.

Mobile Device Support

As smartphones and tablets become more and more powerful and are used more and more for Internet access, as well as workstations in many industries and companies, now it has become very important to be able to manage remote desktops using mobile devices. TeamViewer took this into account and was one of the first in the world to provide such an opportunity. Now you can control your computer remotely from your tablet or smartphone with the Android or iOS operating system.

Your employees can now interact with your corporate network, whether they are in the office or are mobile employees, use a desktop computer, a corporate tablet or their own smartphone.

Monitis cloud server and website tracking solutionв

The TeamViewer program invites IT companies and individuals in this field to gain full control over their infrastructure and expand opportunities for interaction with their users and customers around the world. This is a convenient management tool that allows you to effectively conduct business and improve the level of service, and hence customer loyalty.

Support for over 30 world languages

The program is used worldwide in so many countries. You can choose an interface option for yourself or your company with one of more than 30 languages ​​spoken on Earth

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