The Ethereum Community Signs a Petition Calling to Refuse ProgPoW Code Activation

A number of prominent representatives of the Ethereum community signed petition with a call to refuse to activate the ProgPoW code, which is designed to make mining the second most capitalized cryptocurrency on ASIC equipment inefficient.

The ProgPoW proposal (EIP-1057) was put forward in January 2019 and aims to replace the current Ethash algorithm. If adopted, ETH mining will be carried out exclusively on more traditional equipment such as video cards, limiting the influence of ASIC miners.

Many developers and equipment manufacturers, however, consider this proposal hasty, and potentially even lead to a network split.

Now, a petition has appeared on GitHub, in which many other representatives of the community expressed their disagreement with this proposal. According to them, the necessary support for the adoption of ProgPoW is currently not available.

Petition author Justin Leroux from ETHBoston said:

“Ethereum is a global platform with a large and diverse group of key players. For this reason, it is critical that major changes to the protocol have a clear purpose and broad support. EIP-1057 obviously does not have such support, nevertheless, its activation is considered. ”

More than 70 people signed the petition, including representatives of projects such as Uniswap, EthereumDC, Aragon, MolochDAO, Gnosis, DeFi Pulse, ConsenSys, DARMA Capital, Truffle Suite, DeFi Pulse, etc.

“Later this year, Ethereum, through the launch of the Beacon network for ETH 2.0, will begin the transition from proof-of-work consensus algorithm to proof-of-stake. The change of eth1 algorithm at this stage of Ethereum evolution brings a split into the community and carries technical risks, and this happens at a time when our efforts and attention should be directed to other things ”- says the petition.

Recall, at the end of last week, the leading developers of Ethereum announced the agreement reached regarding the activation of EIP-1057 in July this year. Moreover, developer James Hancock said that ProgPoW is one of the “most prepared” proposals for activation. The Sherendé of the Ethereum Foundation, who also insisted on the expediency of activating this proposal, was in agreement with him.

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