Poloniex - cryptocurrency exchange since 2014

Poloniex.com - Launched in 2014, the cryptocurrency exchange quickly gained the trust of traders and in a short time became the leader in terms of daily trading volume. It has become very popular due to its reliability and safety. Also, about 50 thousand active traders are attracted here by a large selection of currency pairs, a low percentage of trading fees up to 0,25%. In order to motivate traders to put up new positions for trading and reduce spreads, the creators of Poloniex have developed the following fee system: the one who opens a trading position will have to pay from 0 to 0,15%, and the one who closes from 0,1 to 0,25%.

Despite the huge number of users simultaneously online on the exchange, the support service manages to cope with a large influx of calls and respond quickly to customer requests.

However, for those users who do not know English, this crypto exchange may not be very convenient, since only one language is available in the interface. On the other hand, many use built-in browser translators, which together with a convenient and intuitive interface allows even beginners to understand the use of the platform.

It is worthwhile to be careful with unknown letters and obscure links, because due to the great popularity of the exchange, there are a lot of different cyber attackers who can try to steal your data along with access to your account and your coins.

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