PhoenixMiner 4.9c - Fast Ethash Miner Download

The fastest miner, with the lowest commission PhoenixMiner 4.9c for mining coins on Ethash


PhoenixMiner 4.9c - fast miner for Ethash Download

One of the fastest, and according to some reports, the fastest among modern miners PhoenixMiner. It was created to generate cryptocurrencies ETH, ETC, EXP and others that use the Ethash algorithm, UBQ coins using Ubqhash, BCI on the ProgPOW algorithm, and dual mining with the Ethash or Ubqhash algorithm along with Blake2s algorithm is also available. It is available on AMD / Nvidia GPUs. The program runs on Linux x64 or Windows x64 systems. The main feature, in addition to high mining speed, is the lowest developer commission among all miners, which is only 0,65%.

Compared to the Claymore miner, the PhoenixMiner miner shows 0,4-1,3% higher speed when it comes to mining exclusively ETH.

The speed may vary slightly depending on the model of the video card. In the case of AMD GPUs, in order to achieve the highest speed, it is better to change the coefficient settings during the work process.

It is possible to switch to the PhoenixMiner miner during dual mining with Claymore Dual Ethereum. This can be done using the command line.



* Works with Radeon VII, AMD RX5700, Fury, 390/290, Vega, 580/570/480/470, 460/560 and other AMD graphics cards where there will be enough memory

* Works with Nvidia 20 × 0, 16 × 0, 10 × 0 and 9 × 0 series graphics cards and other AMD graphics cards where there will be enough memory

* CUDA and OpenCL kernels for fast mining

* Statistics of the effective hashrate in the pool, the complexity of each action, as well as an indication of the likely profit.

* In addition to the main cores, the RX580 / 570/560/480/470/460 also have additional green ones, which help to reduce energy consumption by 2-3% while practically without reducing the hash rate

* Provides the ability to use old video cards with a low hashrate and small memory, for example, GTX970

* To switch DAG and more start generates DAG files in GPU

* Support for stratum protocols and all ethash mining pools.

* Prevention of attacks via IP addresses due to secure connection to pools.

* Auto-tuning is available for AMD graphics cards to increase device performance

* ProgPOW algorithm for mining BCI.

* The miner is compatible with the Claymore Dual Ethereum standard, including support for most console settings, configuration, and remote monitoring.

* Ubqhash algorithm support for UBQ cryptocurrency. To mine this coin, add -coin ubq to the command line.

* For mining BCI (Bitcoin Interest), the ProgPOW algorithm is used. To mine this coin, add -coin bci to the command line.


Changes in version 4.9c:

Support for the latest AMD drivers for Windows 19.12.3

AMD RX5500 GPU Support Now

AMD Linux 19.50-967956 driver support

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