Increased Hashrate and Graphics Card Performance (GPU)

Even an ordinary computer with a modern powerful graphics processor, that is, a video card, can be used to mine cryptocurrencies. Of course, this way you won’t earn much, so it’s worth investing in the purchase of several powerful video cards, which you then collect in a mining farm. Then it makes sense to engage in mining, because in this way you can end up spending less electricity to mine one coin.

If you connect, say, six video cards to your computer, then its significantly increased computing power will allow you to increase mining income. Also, the popularity of cloud mining is growing, when you do not need to purchase equipment and spend your own electricity, but you can use other people's capacities for rent. Such mining is gaining popularity due to the fact that due to the rapidly growing demand for mining equipment, prices for it are becoming higher and less profitable, and cloud mining allows you to not maintain your own capacities, and also offers the opportunity to invest less in the first stage.

If you decide to build your own mining farm, then in order to make more money on mining using GPUs, you should choose the most powerful and modern ones. At the moment, the most suitable options for mining are AMD Radeon video cards of at least the fifth generation.

Video cards manufactured by Nvidia, a company that has been producing GPUs for many years, are also popular. However, many miners say that nVidia video cards do less computation than AMD Radeon, but in fact, the speed will differ depending on the encryption algorithms used by different cryptocurrencies. This means that before you decide on a particular video card, you need to decide which cryptocurrencies you want to mine and figure out which algorithms which GPUs are best for.

Video card performance on various algorithms

For clarity, we give a table of the performance of video cards on different algorithms, the relevance of 2020.

Graphics card modelHesreit
ZEC, Sol
ETH / ETC, Mh / s
Power consumption, WEfficiency
Zcash, Sol / w
ETH / ETC, MHS / w
GXT 1080 Ti620352502.480.140
RX 580280261851.510.140
GTX 1060282201202.350.150
GTX 1080475281802.630.153
RX 570260251501.730.166
GTX 1070435271502.900.190
RX 480300291502.000.190
RX 470250241202.080.200

Mining graphics card hash increase

If you are focused on the result, then programmatically increasing the hashrate is possible with - MSI Afterburner, an article about this program, you can read here:

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