CPU Mining - A Complete Guide

Most likely you have already thought about how relevant and profitable is mining in 2020 using a processor. To understand this, you need to get a little acquainted with the technical side of this issue.

What is a CPU? This is a chip that provides the main processing power of a computer or other device. Unlike a video card (GPU), which provides graphics tasks. Both of these items of equipment are similar in that both the first and second perform calculations, albeit for different functions. Their differences determine which device is better and more profitable to use for mining.

Differences between mining on CPU and GPU

The differences between the CPU and GPU are that depending on the selected processor clock frequency, which shows the interval between pulses, it can process 4 32-bit, or 8 32-bit computational operations. At that time, the GPU can handle 3150 32-bit calculations. Even multi-core processors lose even to weak and outdated video cards. It turns out that the video card is much more efficient in mining, having a processor hundreds of times more powerful.

As you can see, processors can’t compete seriously with GPUs, but at the very beginning, many miners start using processors until they are ready to seriously invest in mining equipment. When using different algorithms, the speeds will differ, but again you can not compare the speed of the processor and the video card, since they differ by several orders of magnitude and the difference can reach several thousand times.

Mining speed is determined by the hash rate of the equipment and is measured in units of H / s, that is, hash. If the hash rate of modern processors is measured in kilohashes - kH / s, then when we talk about video cards, then these are MH / s (megahash) and GH / s (gigahesh). So, in many cases, mining on a processor can even be unprofitable.

Mining processor performance table 

ModelSpeed ​​(kh / s)(GHz)Kernels
Xeon X5450223.004
Xeon L3426192.004
Xeon E5620262.004
Xeon E5504422.002x4
Xeon 5160213.00
Core i7-920374.004
Core i7-870413.004
Core i7-860252.004
Core i5-750303.004
Core i5-650183.002

At the very beginning, when cryptocurrencies appeared and they had less encryption complexity, the use of processors for mining could be justified, but now that the encryption complexity has greatly increased and mining on processors continues to grow, it makes no sense. To make money using cryptocurrency mining, you should definitely use video cards. One video card will not help you make any significant money, so it’s worth investing in a whole mining farm.

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