Mining at ASIC

ASIC (from English application-specific integrated, that is, assembled for a specific application) is a specially created device that is intended only for cryptocurrency mining. Although there are different models, most often this device is a block with a chip equipped with several processors, a cooling system and a power supply. Thanks to such a narrow specialization, ASIK miners have high performance in mining digital coins.

Characteristics ASIC Miners.

- Hashrate. First of all, you should pay attention to this indicator of the ASIK miner, because the profitability of mining will largely depend on this;

- Electricity consumption. Electricity consumption is an important component of the profitability of cryptocurrency mining, since cryptocurrency mining requires a lot of energy for computing and cooling. This parameter should always be considered when choosing an ASIC, as well as the capabilities of the network to which you are going to connect it;

- The cost of the ASIK miner relative to its performance - this indicator will have a direct impact on the profitability of mining using a specific miner model.

As already mentioned at the very beginning, ASIC is a specialized device, namely an integrated circuit, for solving a specific function. Such boards are used only for highly specialized tasks, that is, we can say that they are “sharpened” for them and therefore perform them with the greatest efficiency. In the case of cryptocurrency mining, this means that their mining is faster and at the lowest cost, and therefore more profitable.

Such integrated circuits are naturally applied to me only in mining, in many specialized devices that have long been used in everyday life, including mobile phones. Now they are most often motherboards with 32-bit processors.

Advantages of ASIC Miners:

- ASIC can usually perform in order to generate crypto coins using one or more algorithms;

- Due to its narrow specialization, ASIC has a high hash rate, on which the speed of computation depends, and therefore encryption and mining in general;

- The indicator of the ratio of computing power to consumption of electrical energy is higher, which, as you already know, directly affects profitability and payback;

- The layout of the device maximally simplifies its installation and connection.

Disadvantages ASIC Miners:

- An ASIC miner cannot be flashed for a different algorithm, for which it is not designed by the manufacturer, so if something changes, then you will not be able to use the same device to mine cryptocurrencies running on other algorithms;

- Relatively rapid obsolescence of rather expensive equipment, which will be very difficult to sell after the production of cryptocurrency increases significantly. In this regard, ordinary video cards that are slightly less efficient in mining will almost always find their buyer among gamers, due to their versatility;

- Sufficiently powerful devices usually need additional power supply;

- Side effects associated with high performance such as increased heat and noise. Similar disadvantages can be found in powerful servers in data centers;

- Due to the specialization of ASIC miners, their distribution is not so wide and, accordingly, maintenance will be more problematic than, for example, in the case of farms built from video cards to find.

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