LiteManager - a program for remote access Free Download

LiteManager provides an opportunity for both business and individuals to quickly access another device so that you can easily manage your desktop with the fastest possible response. The program runs on a Windows system, providing real-time access to files and processes on a specific device. Using LiteManager, you can monitor the entire working network and control the parameters of each computer that is connected to it. When using the program, it becomes possible to make changes on the remote device, install and delete programs and files, and other features for management and control.

LiteManager - a program for remote access Free Download


LiteManager offers to use remote control without using an IP address. Instead, to connect trusted computers to the desktop remotely, you can identify each network on the network using a unique name that each participant can choose for himself. Network operation LiteManager is also possible through a proxy.

LiteManager Portable does not need to be installed on your computer and can work just from a flash drive, but it has all the features of the full version

LiteManager works with all the most popular operating systems, both desktop computers and mobile devices

Program Benefits:

Task Manager

Computer power management

Text and audio video chat

Telnet computer management via command line

device Manager

Scheduled screen recording

Computer search

Registry Editor

Connection by unique identifier, NoIPServer application

Network map

Remote Desktop - control the desktop of a remote computer

For working with files and folders built-in file manager

Cascading connection function, for working in complex networks, connecting a server with a dynamic IP address

Remote Installation and Upgrade

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