Kucoin is the youngest cryptocurrency exchange

Kucoin represents one of the young, but very ambitious exchanges, the creators of which are going to enter the top five of the best and largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The project began its work in 2017 and in order to achieve its goals, the team developed a complex architecture that should ensure the reliability and stability of the system to various possible technical problems, overloads and failures. Also, with the help of various promotional programs, the Kucoin cryptocurrency exchange is actively gaining popularity among users, which will allow it to ultimately achieve large trading volumes.


What offers Kucoin traders:

-safety of user assets;

-the most diverse tools for analyzing and building trading strategies;

-more than 300 trading pairs of digital currencies;

-Allows anonymous trading, as it does not require verification from users; -the withdrawal of some cryptocurrencies is free, the rest with a minimum commission;

-operative customer support.

- Kucoin exchange interface offers the use of one of ten languages, also supports Russian.

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