Kraken - the oldest cryptocurrency exchange

We can say that Creak - This is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, operating since 2011. A company registered in San Francisco over the years has earned the trust of traders and therefore, due to its popularity around the world, has one of the world's leading indicators of daily turnover of trade transactions.

In addition to its reliability and professional expertise, the crypto exchange also attracts users with a small trading commission of 0,2%, which can become even less if your trading volume grows.

As a leader in the digital asset trading industry, Kraken is only slightly behind the largest Poloniex exchange, offering traders fewer currency pairs for trading, while not inferior in quality of service and support.

For Russian-speaking traders, there is one “but” - the lack of support for the Russian language in the interface, but a successful and understandable interface does not stop many Russian users from trading on this cryptocurrency exchange and other similar ones, such as Poloniex, which also does not have support for the Russian language. Many, having gained a little experience in cryptocurrency trading, begin to use the opportunities of different exchanges at the same time and additionally earn on the difference in rates on different cryptocurrency exchanges

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