HDD Mining

What you need to know about mining on a hard drive

Interest in cryptocurrencies and technology Blockchain has a wave-like growth that periodically rolls around the world due to some events and news, so the demand for graphics processors does not grow gradually, and also periodically jumps up. So the best video cards often become inaccessible for beginners to mining, since one is not enough for effective and profitable mining.

On the other hand, GPUs are not the only option that can be used for cryptocurrency mining. You can earn on cryptocurrency mining using hard drives installed in ordinary personal computers at your home or at work.

Using the BURST algorithm, it is possible to mine several different cryptocurrencies, such as BurstCoin, Storj, Sia, while the significantly lower energy consumption compared to video cards will allow you to get more profit from mining.

The benefits of mining on your hard drive: 

  1. Firstly, such a system does not require several expensive video cards, because even the integrated video card already installed on your computer will be enough for this. There is also no need to buy and install an expensive motherboard with a large number of PCI-E ports.
  2. You do not need to connect several powerful uninterruptible power supplies, since each hard drive will consume no more than 10 watts of energy.
  3. In this case, your entire mining system will have enough space in the usual building.
  4. It is very simple to install and configure the system, so you do not need in-depth technical knowledge in computers.
  5. You do not need many powerful coolers to cool your mining system on hard drives, since they heat up about 10 times less than video cards.

Disadvantages hard drive mining:

  1. Due to the presence of moving mechanical parts, HDD wear cannot be avoided, which means you can hardly count on long-term operation for several years. Although, according to the experience of many miners who used hard drives for cryptocurrency mining, a short life is not the rule, but more often the exception. Tens of thousands of hours of trouble-free operation with hundreds of thousands of parking lots are commonplace, and early breakdowns are more likely to be exceptions.
  2. Used hard drives, of course, will be much less popular, which means it will be more difficult to compensate for their replacement when you decide to upgrade your mining system.
  3. A small number of cryptocurrencies, which so far can be mined using hard drives and the BURST algorithm.

To calculate how beneficial mining will be on hard, you can use the service Profit-mine.com. Using the service, you can find out, for example, that in 2019 a 3 TB HDD can earn about $ 20 per month, respectively, a system of 10 such hard drives can help you get a little more than $ 200 profit.

BURST mining using HDD

For BURST mining, the POC program is used, generating “PLOTS”, which are parts of the data that are stored on the HDD. The more hard disk space you can allocate for such parts, the faster and therefore more profitable will be burstcoins.

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