Display Driver Uninstaller

A utility was developed to completely remove video drivers from the operating system Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU), which has a wide range of the most diverse functions and settings. With the help of this multifunctional software you can get full control over video cards made by NVIDIA, AMD, Intel and their software. Display Driver Uninstaller if necessary, it will allow you to completely clean the system by deleting not only all folders and files, but also all keys related to the drivers from the registry and possible additional programs that could be installed with video drivers.

Display Driver Uninstaller

In addition, you will have the opportunity to choose one of the many options for how you would like to remove the video card driver.

PC power management and rebooting are available in the DDU utility options, as well as saving the monitors you want to keep, log files or root folders of the software. If necessary, before uninstalling the drivers, you can create a recovery point to be able to restore the system to its previous state.

To use Display Driver Uninstaller version, you must have one of the Windows operating systems installed, starting with XP and ending with Windows 10 (16299.xx) with NetFramework no lower than version 3.0,

Starting from up to Windows 10 with update 1809 (17763.xx), Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5 or higher

Distributed for free

Recommendations for using Display Driver Uninstaller:

- If you are not sure about the need to use Display Driver Uninstaller, then do not use the utility when removing video drivers;

- The best case for using DDUs is when you encounter problems installing or uninstalling GPU software from another manufacturer;

- Despite the safety of DDU, in order to avoid possible problems, create recovery points or a backup of the system;

- “Safemode” is the most preferable and stable mode of using the utility, although “Normal” is also a completely acceptable mode of using the program;

- To run Display Driver Uninstaller, you need to install the utility on a local drive on your computer, since it does not work from a network drive;

- When using antivirus programs, it is worth adding DDUs to trusted ones so that the antivirus does not interrupt the operation of the utility and does not cause any problems.

Logs of changes in Display Driver Uninstaller versions: (released 20.12.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX)

-Ability to remove SDK based on NGX learning algorithm;

-Changing the removal order;

-Added the ability to remove the remnants of the AMD video driver;

-Fix incorrect removal of SharedDlls;

-Ability to remove Nvidia RTX cards from USB "C";

-Corrected and supplemented removal software Realtek video;

-Changed Turkish.xml localization;

-The FriendlyName will be used in the log file in the case when it may be applicable to the device that you are going to delete, otherwise its description will be used. (12.12.2018 release)

-Now to use this version of Display Driver Uninstaller, you need a version of NET Framework of at least 4.5, since removing the DCH drivers used by Windows 10 requires libraries that are available no earlier than in NET 4.5. This version is now unavailable for Windows XP;

-The ability to remove Realtek, Nvidia and Intel DCH drivers has appeared;

-Added cleaning Realtek audio driver;

- “MarshalAs (UnmanagedType.LPWStr)” and “CharSet: = CharSet.Unicode” giving unpredictable DeviceIDs removed from “Function CM_Get_Device_ID”;

-Now you can remove extensions of device components and their levels in DCH drivers. (26.11.2018 release)

-Fix incorrect removal of the CUDA SDK;

-After removing the Geforce Experience, the remnants of "NvDLISR" are cleared. (04.11.2018 release)

-Removed paexec.exe;

-Now there is support for removing Vulkan from Intel;

-Improved removal of Vulkan API libraries, as well as Thanks Sora errors fixed. (05.10.2018 release)

-Cleaning NVIDIA;

-Updated localization files;

-Increased system requirements to Windows 10 (update 1809) October 2018 (17763.xx). (20.09.2018 release)

-Fixes for cleaning patches of the system environment;

-Turkish.xml & Slovenian.xml files updated (localization);

-Now the translation of the combo box that has been selected now works again;

-Improved registry usage, thanks to the addition of "Nothing" checks. (08.09.2018 release)

-Sound driver SoundBlaster received additional removal options;

-Zero exceptions have been fixed;

-Added -cleansoundblaster and -cleanrealtek to the command line;

-Now Realtek audio drivers can be removed;

-Removed the possibility of finding characters like ## in the folder name, which could lead to an error.

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