BTC-Alpha is a professional cryptocurrency exchange

UK based cryptocurrency exchange Btc-alpha began its work in 2015 and continues to work successfully until now, being among the best 15 world crypto exchanges according to the rating from ICORating. Btc-alpha It is one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges, thanks to a thorough check of the cryptocurrencies that it adds to its trading floors, as well as ensuring the safety of both traders' funds and their accounts.

The crypto exchange has many professional tools that will be very useful for traders. Despite the powerful functionality of the exchange, which was evaluated by professional traders, its interface, available in English and Russian, is intuitive and does not cause difficulties for new users.


What highlights Btc-alpha among competitors:

-low level of the trading commission, which in many cases can be no more than 0,1%;

-free cryptocurrency transfer within the exchange between accounts;

- a large selection of more than 200 currency pairs;

-trade with different platforms;

-high level of account protection;

Two-factor authentication of two types;

- Fiat money deposit / withdrawal is available.

-a unique Alpha Code system that allows you to transfer funds both inside the exchange and beyond.

-a referral program is available;

- applications for mobile devices based on iOS are being developed, the beta version is already working;

- XNUMX/XNUMX customer support seven days a week.


All these advantages of BTC-Alpha attract traders with different levels of cryptocurrency trading experience, including it has become very popular among Russian-speaking traders.

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