Bittrex is a cryptocurrency exchange with one of the largest daily volumes

Cryptus Exchange Bittrex It has a fairly large volume of daily trading and is popular in the United States and in some countries, having an American registration. It is convenient for trading alternative coins, as it offers many currency pairs with the ability to trade a little less than 200 altcoins. Two-factor authentication provides good security for user accounts.

The transaction fee is 0,25% of the volume, which is generally not much, however, when trading cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, you may additionally have to pay a commission for exchanging the selected altcoin for bitcoins, since only BTC can be converted to fiat currency. It turns out that buying altcoin is profitable, all the benefits can be lost on the withdrawal of funds from the exchange.

The Bittrex crypto exchange does not support the Russian language and, according to many users, does not have the most convenient and intuitive interface, but, nevertheless, the large daily trading volume indicates that many use it to trade alternative coins. Experienced Russian-speaking traders, who also prefer to trade other cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, also use the Bittrex exchange among others to make money on cross-platform trading, having accounts on several exchanges simultaneously.

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