Bitcoin, oil and gold. How much assets have been affected by coronavirus

Over the past month and a half, the first cryptocurrency lost about 35% of its value and got into the top 5 most unprofitable investments. Even worse was the position of Ethereum.
Bitcoin and Ethereum were among the most unprofitable investments, The Block analyst Larry Chermak said. In his Twitter account, he published a list of assets that suffered the most and, conversely, benefited from the spread of coronavirus.

So in the first place among the "outsiders" was oil. From February 19 to March 30, she lost about 62% of the value. Following is Ethereum, it has fallen in price over the same period by 49%. Bitcoin is located in 4th place, in a month and a half its rate fell by 34%.

Only gold is in a winning position. Since the end of February, the price of one ounce of the precious metal has grown by 0,3%, now it is $ 1619.

Chermak noted that during the crisis caused by the pandemic, the biotechnology sector was the most successful in terms of investment. The energy and finance sectors, in turn, suffered the largest losses.

Despite a significant drop in the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins, it may soon begin to recover. This is evidenced by the index of “Fear and greed”, the value of which dropped to an extreme level of 10 points.

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