Binance is a mastodon among other cryptocurrency exchanges

Since Binance opened in 2017, it can be considered a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange, however, despite this, it has already managed to gain great popularity among traders and become one of the five leaders in terms of transaction volume per day. Also, the crypto exchange has a high legal reliability, due to the location of its head office in Hong Kong. The head of the company also identified compliance with legislative standards as one of the main priorities.

Compared to competitors, Binance is more attractive to users because of the low commission for trading, which is only 0,1% of the transaction amount, as well as the high speed of order processing (up to 1,4 million per second). Multifunctional and user-friendly even for inexperienced users, the Binance exchange interface is available in seven languages, including Russian.

Such respected companies in the world of business as Morgan Stanley, Accenture, SBI Group and some others supported Binance, and when the cryptocurrency exchange launched its ICO, it attracted investments from many large financial market players from around the world.


The main advantages of Binance, attracting traders and investors, include:

-leadership in terms of transaction volume and growth rate;

-low attractive trade fees;

- depositing to any cryptocurrency account is free;

-support of the most common types of cryptocurrencies;

-high speed of the exchange;

- a lot of analytical and other tools for traders;

- the presence of their own cryptocurrency BNB, which gained value during the ICO;

-the ability to create wallets for storing all available cryptocurrencies;

-Also the ability to trade from mobile devices through the application.

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