ATIFlash / ATI WinFlash 2.93 - utility for BIOS flashing

ATIFlash / ATI WinFlash 2.93 BIOS firmware utility for AMD (ATI) Radeon chips for Windows.

ATIFlash / ATI WinFlash 2.93 - BIOS firmware utility

If you want to flash the BIOS in your AMD video cards running on Windows, such as ATI Radeon, then a good command-line utility would be a good option.

At the heart of the version ATIFlash 2.93 the program lies ATI WinFlash, which, after upgrading to version 2.71, received one common distribution together with a console utility.

В ATIFlash / ATI WinFlash 2.93 uses the graphical interface of the base program, while the name was changed to ATIFlash and the functionality improved.

The creators of the utility report that the console version is the most preferable option for flashing the BIOS, after downloading in the archive you will find both versions with the same update date.

Changes made in ATIFlash / ATI WinFlash 2.93:

Added support for Navi Radeon RX 5700 Series firmware

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