Huobi is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges

Cryptus Exchange Huobi It was launched in 2013 in China, and until 2017 worked exclusively in this country. Then, entering the international market, the exchange quickly earned a reputation among other crypto exchanges as a professional platform for trading experts. Now according to CoinMarketCap, Huobi It is one of the ten largest trading platforms for daily turnover of funds and is one of the three leaders in the total total volume of transactions.

The crypto exchange offers a high level of security for users and, accordingly, rather stringent requirements for verification and authentication. To conduct an ICO in order to attract financing Huobi issued an NT token, which is now successfully traded on its sites.

What offers Huobi to your users:

- Asset security, thanks to the cold storage of almost 100% of more than 10 billion user funds and distributed protection against cybercriminal attacks;

-protection of investors using a compensation system from a special fund;

-reliability and expertise in the field of digital finance, thanks to seven years of experience in this field;

-global coverage with service support;

Global blockchain ecosystem

- referral system with 30% reward;

-the ability to access your account from mobile devices through mobile applications;

-User-friendly interface that is available in 13 languages, including Russian.

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